Wake It Now!

I have failed, like many times before. I made promises that were broken. I made plans that were not followed. I gave expectations that were not fulfilled. I trashed my body, constantly introducing things that were not necessary, not resting, not exercising. I failed to complete projects. I failed to sell...



If I should blame anyone for my downfall is myself! I am the one who failed to act! I am the one who ate those things! I am the one who went to sleep when I should have been working! I am the one who stayed awake when I should have been sleeping! I am the one who made all the excuses to not do the things that I should have done! There is no one to blame but myself.

I will start anew! The errors of the past are not what define me, what I am doing now does. And from now on I will live and act as if this was my last day on earth, for one day it will be and I don’t want regrets.

Every day that I am alive I will read these words, for when I am at my lowest they will motivate me and when I am at my highest they will keep me from growing arrogant.

I will face my fears, whatever these may be. I will do what I think would be a good idea to do without delays, without excuses, without pretexts. And when I start doing it, I will continue doing it until I succeed. I will persist so much that my persistence becomes a legend.

I will care for my body. I will not introduce on it anything that does not benefit it. I will exercise and find out what I am truly capable of.

I will care for my mind. I will hear negative comments but they will be white noise to me. I will not let anybody’s opinion of myself affect my own opinion of myself.

When I have an objective, I will give it all to get to that objective, even my life if I believe it is an objective that is worth it. I will work only in objectives that I believe are worth it.

I will never give up. I WILL NEVER GIVE UP! I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!!!

I will not be afraid to show my individuality. I will not be afraid to show my greatness, for recognizing my individuality, accepting it and building my future around it is greatness. I will not be afraid to speak my mind out, whatever the consequences may be. And I will speak with passion, I will sing with passion, I will live with passion.